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Outreach Website - Increase Google rankings - SEO

" Make sure Google users find websites you right in the first page results ! "

Promote website on major search engines like Google , Yahoo and Bing . When searching for keywords related to your line of business , then your website in the top 5 or top 10 ( first page results ) . Consulting to help customers get the most effective keywords ..

Normally , Internet users need to purchase a product or a service , they would go to Google to search for products or providers of services they need . They can enter into Google the product name or service ( called keywords) ... After Google returns a list of websites related to their keywords , they can click on the website to information ... normally they click on the website in order from 1 to 10 ... Therefore, if you have your website , the higher the likelihood of people seeking information click on the website of the customer more ... so, you can promote website , increase website traffic ( alexa rank increased ) by this method ...

Promote website

In Vietnam , the new website is built every day but very few website owners interested in web promotion ( SEO ) on the major search engines like Google , Yahoo , Bing ... for people to easily find see their website . Once you have your website rank high on the search engines , your website will quietly bring you the new customers are quickly and efficiently .
The term web promotion - Increasing Google ranking :

What is Search Engine ?
- This is a provisional translation of the phrase " search engine " . When it comes to search engines , we often think of the well-known services like Google Search , Yahoo! Search and Bing Search , etc. ...
What are keywords ?
- Keywords are words used to indicate the product name , line of business or service website . When you want to find a particular information , and you sit in front of the Google search window , you will do? Certainly you will enter the main significance of content that you want to find . The main significance of content that you want to find , which is the keyword !
What are the Top 10 ?
- As to only list sites located from 1 to 10 in page returns the first result of the search engines .

Vietnam Seo usually advise customer to use the service 2 : Google + Advertising SEO for website with the following schedule :

Step 1 : Conduct SEO site audit assessment and analysis of the current status of 10 teams from competition ( 7 days ) and market analysts , customers , online marketing planning short and long term , determined campaign objectives , measurement methods , selection methods measure performance
Step 2 : Top keywords for Adwords plan and implement Adwords campaign management + Booking other media at the request of customers
Step 3 : Also made ​​plans to onpage Seo keywords on the top gradually replaced adwords , implementing overall Seo , can deploy more other channels like social media marketing , Viral marketing ... depending on requirements .
Step 4 : Integrate CRM and campaign measurement tools such as traffic , collect customer information , the number of deals , reporting ROI for clients

The process of website optimization

The process of website optimization

Formula TOP 10 SEO quotes

SEO keywords = Costs Costs Costs push TOP 10 + x number of months maintenance contract

Costs push tag = ( Price x Quantity find local CPC ) / 2
( CPC price and volume of local search powered by Google )

Maintenance cost = cost push / 2 ( As security for costs keywords ranked in TOP 10 )
Outreach Services Website - Increase your Google ranking SEO Vietnam :

Campaign website is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 : Perform the work put into the website Top Google , Yahoo , Bing .
Phase 2 : Perform maintenance tasks to achieve results ranking at the request of the customer .

SEO Vietnam would advise you to get the most effective keywords . We are committed to return 100 % of the cost if we do not implement the agreement in a contract .
Optimize your website

Analysis , quality control current website .
Edit content , the layout of the website .
Edit the HTML code , title tags , keywords , descriptions .. 's website .
Build -friendly website with search engine ( search engine ) .
Programming files search bots navigate the website .
Programming introduces the entire file information , website links with search engines.

Promotion , web advertising

Registration website on search engines like Google , Yahoo , MSN ...
Registration website to website directories , yellow pages .
Building links to the website extensively .
Progress reports , monthly job performance .

Website Publicity costs depend on many factors :

The number and competitiveness of the keywords that you require .
Ask your customers about your website rank on the list of results returned by the search engines , including Top 1 , Top 3 , Top 5 , Top 10 .
Requirements of the website you want to advertise on the search engines , including : Google , Yahoo , Bing . You can choose one or all of the machines .
The contents and layout of the website customers .
Industries or products you are trading .
The competitors website .

Viet SEO
Outreach Activities Website - Increase Google ranking :

Identify the keywords match the website , business area of the customer .
Quality Assessment website , edit HTML tags for website search engine friendly with more .
Programming robots files .
Programming files . Xml .
Subscribe to the website on search engines like Google , Yahoo , Bing , ...
Registration website to website directories .
Exchanging links with other websites .

Benefits of Google Adwords Advertising

Targeting the right customers

By choosing the right keywords and ads will appear your message to the right target customers when they are looking for .
Low cost high efficiency ( rate of return on investment ROI )

Your message will only be displayed when users search needs brand , products / services you and only when potential customers click on the ad , you pay new . That means customers will actively visit websites to find out information they need .

Show first page

This will help your website appear in high positions as Google ads , it not only helps potential customers easily see your message , but also bring them to your website positioned higher than the other sites .

The ability to accurately measure

The difference between online advertising channels as well as Google Adwords advertising than traditional advertising channels is the ability to accurately measure the goals you set out initially . Google Adwords offers more than 50 full report with data relating to the operation of the overall Google ad per campaign ( campaign ) , the details for each keyword group ( AD group) , each keyword ( keyword ) , each advertisement (ad copy ) , each geographical region ( geography ) ... which you navigate to .

The ability to change the advertising message quickly

You will hardly find any marketing channel can help you change your advertising message only after 15 minutes . However, with Google Adwords sales are pretty easy . You can change the advertising message at any time , and only after 15 minutes of new messages will appear on the search results of Google .
Budget is managed better

You will know the daily budget on how much was used , the amount of traffic coming to your website as well as the number of target customers to buy products or register , find out more information . Understand the numbers above will help you adjust more reasonable marketing budget .
Results implementing Web Promotion
After performing services , SEO Vietnam committed to achieving high results in the top 10 search terms ( the first 10 results when searching with Google ) .
Please contact us today so we advise you the best Online Marketing strategies , most cost savings .

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